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Stump Grinding Services Sydney

Stump Grinding Services Sydney

NSW Tree Management is a prominent company based in New South Wales, Australia. We provide all kind of services related to tree management. Our experienced staff can help you in any way; from managing and taking care of trees, pruning and felling trees to cutting down and removing them. With the help of our advanced machinery and equipment we provide one of the best stump grinding services in Sydney. Our staff is licensed and we make sure to fulfil all the regulations required by Australian authorities.

Once a tree is cut down, the tree stump remains in the ground. Removing tree stumps is a difficult and time-consuming process because the tree is strongly embedded in the ground and its roots have spread deep and wide in the ground. These roots act as an anchor for the tree and they make tree stump removal very difficult.

Ways to remove a tree stump

One method includes drilling a hole in the face and side of the tree stump and lighting the tree stump on fire. However, this process is harmful to the environment and your landscape and it can also start a fire. It can also be toxic for the soil.

The other way is to drill various holes in the tree stump to make it weak and chop the tree stump part by part with an axe. This is a tiring process that can take up to days.

The best way to remove a tree stump is to grind away the stump with the help of heavy machinery like Vermeer tree stump Grinders. Our professionals use a shovel clean the area around the tree stump and remove any rocks lying around in the mud. Then with the help of a chainsaw, they chop off the tree stump as much as possible. After this, we bring in a heavy-duty wood grinder that grinds the tree stump into small wood chips. The crater is filled with soil and mud. The wood chip is collected and later properly disposed of.

Under correct supervision, this process is completed effortlessly. NSW Tree Management has the most effective stump grinding services in Sydney and we can help you take care of any tree stumps lying about your property.